March 15, 2022


From Chrissy Teagan to Oprah everyone on the planet was raving about this plum beauty oil in 2021. With a 25K wait list when they sold out last year, this was probably the most talked about beauty product on the planet. However Le Prunier is so much more than just an amazing plum beauty oil, they are redefining what clean beauty means with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Their commitment to the environment is a driving force behind their brand. The term Clean Beauty seems inadequate for what they are creating. They believe in creating truly clean beauty for your skin and the earth.

Le Prunier is produced on a 100 year old family farm located in Northern California, with much of what they do  dependent on our beautiful earth. From start to finish, their products are ethical, eco-friendly and organic so that you reap the benefits in every last drop while at the same time, protecting the source. Let’s find out what makes this clean beauty brand so incredible:


The Taylor family has been committed to organic farming since the 1980’s - long before organic farming was in. Their farm is herbicide-free, meaning their soil is extremely healthy plus they use all natural methods for fertilization including compost, cover crops, fertilizer and heat-treated chicken manure.


They never test on animals and are Cruelty-Free PETA certified as well!


Their famous plum beauty oil is made from 100% up-cycled plum kernels which were previously a waste by product on the family farm. You may be curious to know what happens to the rest of the fruit. After removing the kernels, the flesh of the plum is used to create food products from juice, dried fruit to baby food and more. Absolutely nothing goes to waste in the creation of Le Prunier.


They use a revolutionary waste-water system called BioFiltro in order to treat their processing water. This water is altered to remove solids, then sprinkled over thick, layered beds of earthworms, wood shavings, and river rock. The worms digest the biomass and produce castings; the water filters through the layers, emerging for orchard use.


For over 10 years, their processing facility has been 100% solar powered. Solar power is one of the cleanest, most sustainable and most renewable resources in the world. It has also slashed the farm's energy bills and reduced their carbon footprint.


At the end of harvest, they  allow 2,000 goats and sheep to roam through the orchards eating down the excess cover crops which eliminates the need for machinery. Without heavy machinery, they reduce emissions and leave the soil healthier and the air cleaner.  Good for the goats, good for the farm. It’s a win-win.


Their bottles are 100% recyclable, although they do encourage re-purposing. Their boxes are decorated with eco friendly ink. They also recycle all the cardboard materials on the farm.

I believe truly clean beauty is so much more than just non toxic ingredients in a bottle. Brands like Le Prunier that are focused all the above initiatives to bring you truly clean beauty while preserving our earth at the same time are showing us what the future of clean beauty is really all about.  


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