The Shiva Rose Beauty brand was created with the utmost respect for the natural world and for you . . . .
All the ingredients are steeped in ancient wisdom that is drawn from long-standing and potent formulations and methods that truly work to transform your skin and bring more ease and serenity to your life
Using all natural ingredients some that are harvested locally and some that herald from Shiva Rose's favorite sacred places. Kukui nut oil from the island of Kauai, to California grown jojoba oil, all the ingredients bring nourishing love to the skin. There are no chemicals or toxic preservatives used in these hand made products. Everything is made in a high vibrational studio with mantras, crystals, and flower essences to ensure the purity and quality of the line. Their aim is to bring beauty and luminosity to women in a way that is nourishing and nurturing.
Blue Butter Cleansing Balm -50ml SHIVA ROSE
Citrus Rose Brightening Serum - 15ml SHIVA ROSE
Rose Face Oil - 30ml SHIVA ROSE
Pearl Rose Face Cream - 50ml SHIVA ROSE
Glow Face Balm - 28gm SHIVA ROSE
Saffron Rose Facial Scrub - 50ml SHIVA ROSE
Saffron Beauty Oil - SHIVA ROSE