A British-born organic skincare line based on the therapeutic properties of honey and propolis. Carefully crafted, their award-winning formulations blend the very best raw organic honey with the purest botanical extracts to create skin nutrition that feeds both skin and spirit. Therapi is run by a mother-daughter / beekeeper-biologist duo from their studio in the beautiful countryside of the English Cotswolds. They are passionate about creating pure organic skinfood and formulate all of their products completely from scratch in-house, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Their organic certification is an assurance to you that their products meet the highest standards of quality, purity and transparency throughout the entire seed to skin chain. It means that they are annually audited by the Soil Association to meet their requirements for organically grown ingredients, environmentally-sound manufacturing processes and sustainable sourcing of packaging.

Their obsession for sourcing the very best ingredients in a way that cares for nature is part of their foundation and this is never more true than in their work with bees. All of their miracle ingredients from the hive are sustainably sourced, with love and attention given to the health and integrity of the honeybee colony. 

They always endeavour to integrate the most conscious choices into every element of their business. To be truly sustainable, they look at every part - from the way their raw ingredients are grown, to the harvesting of their honey, to the sourcing of their packaging. Inspired by the bees, they work hard to keep their environmental footprint as small as possible:

All of their agriculturally grown and bee-derived ingredients are certified organic.  They use food-grade ingredients wherever possible. They practice regenerative natural beekeeping techniques. They use sustainable packaging components wherever possible. They use eco-friendly manufacturing processes and cleaning methods. They work with the UK government and farmers to inform their pollinator strategies. They champion bee conservation work. They also donate 5% of profits to wildlife conservation work.

Propolis + Ultra Radiance Cream - 50ml Therapi Honey Skincare