Three Warriors is bringing salon quality organic, natural fake tans, face tan and tanning scrubs to the world, minus the nasties. With the finest ingredients sourced from Hobart, Tasmania, the Three Warriors product line was made for those who want to maintain a safe and natural looking tan whilst considering the health of their skin, our biggest organ. Every plant-derived ingredient has been ethically sourced and purposefully chosen for its skin nourishing properties. Three warriors is the first organic tanning company to give back to social and environmental change, with 10% of all profits donated to Wello Water, a social enterprise facilitating life-changing water projects. The sentiment behind Three Warriors is to listen to your body and take care of it by knowing what you’re putting on your skin and make the change before poor health forces you to.

The models they choose to represent Three Warriors have all had their own health journeys and have come out stronger and more powerful for it. They aim to showcase this through all their imagery, social media, and marketing, as they believe this is what everyone can resonate with.


Gradual Tan Three Warriors
Eco-friendly Tanning Mitt Three Warriors
Tasmanian Sand Scrub Three Warriors
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Sold out
Face Tan Aqua Mist - 100ml Three Warriors
Self-Tan Mousse Three Warriors