Introducing Le Prunier.

Probably the most talked about Beauty Oil on the planet right now.  Featured in Forbes magazine with a waiting list of 25,000 after their plum beauty oil sold out worldwide.  Founded by 3 sisters who up-cycled organic plum by products from their 4th generation organic family farm and created a single ingredient beauty oil that has been called a skincare wonder.  Their patent pending blend of plum varietals is an excellent source of antioxidants, polyphenols, fatty acids and vitamins. They are a brand, a family and a farm that is re-defining beauty through their unwavering commitment to sustainability. 

Everything is grown, harvested and pressed on their organic family farm established in 1916. They farm has been organic since 1985. They are USDA and CCOF organic certified. They are also in the process of becoming ECOCERT organic certified.  They are a herbicide-free farm meaning their soil is extremely healthy plus they use all natural methods for fertilization including compost, cover crops, fertilizer and heat-treated chicken manure.  Their farm is completely powered by solar energy. They allow 2000 goats to roam the farm at the end of the harvest to eat down the over crop instead of using heavy machinery. The utilize Biofiltro filtration system to clean and recycle their waste water for irrigation. This brand is ticking all the boxes for the conscious consumer. 

Plum Beauty Oil Mini - 3.7ml Le Prunier
Plum Beauty Oil - 30ml Le Prunier