As the weather starts to get cooler our skin care routines can sometimes benefit from a few changes.  Here are some of our winter favourites to keep your skin nourished this winter:

1. Oil Cleanser - if you don't already use an oil cleanser, winter is a great time to incorporate one into your skincare routine. The perfect way to remove makeup, deep clean your pores without drying or stripping your skin. These will leave your skin balanced and nourished, ready for the next step.

2. Mist or Essence - great for plumping the skin and an added boost of hydration, with hyaluronic acid and the perfect for prep for your  serums. I love the Wildcrafted Rose mist in the mornings and the Cecilia Blossom Elixir at night, but both can be used AM & PM.

3. Vitamin C - great for use during the day for brightening and repair - improving fine lines, pigmentation etc. If you need some added moisture, you can layer a moisturiser or balm over the top of this for day. 

4. Night Serum - There are so many great serums depending on your skin type and what you want to focus on, but at night I love either the Monastery Gold with the Monastery Attar layered over the top or alternatively the Wildcrafted Organics Bakuchiol Cell regenerating Serum just on its own, the Mara Algae Retinol face oil is also amazing.

5. Moisturiser or Balm - If you like some added moisture over your serums or your skin is on the dry side - I love the Purearth Rose and Seabuck face cream for day, its lovely and light but nourishing and perfect layered over a serum. ( Perfect with the purearth Illumine underneath) If you need a bit more nourishment or have quite dry skin then the Monastery Attar is beautiful, really hydrating and nourishing, no essential oils so suitable for sensitive skin types also. I love this one for night layered over the Monastery Gold.

6. Eye balm - an absolute essential year round but especially in winter when our skin can tend to be a bit dry. The Cecilia Holistic Beauty Golden Glow baume Yeux is amazing. Really hydrating and brightening, could not live without this!

7. Beauty tools - I love beauty tools for the lymphatic drainage and lifting. These are great to use over your serums as they need a bit of slip. I love the Rose Quartz Gua Sha but my current favourite is the Imbibe Gold sculpting tool. So good! Great if you wake up a bit puffy in the mornings. 

8. Inner Beauty - Especially during the cooler months, a little help from the inside out doesn't go astray. I love the Holi Mane marine collagen from Agent nateur and I mix it with the Beauty Renewal from Imbibe for some added probiotic benefits plus it tastes amazing. This is a daily must for me. I really notice a difference in my skin if I skip these. 

9. Last but not least - a nourishing body oil with clean ingredients is essential, I LOVE the Valentia Avocado oil - 1 single ingredient, so nourishing and leaves my skin soft and glowing. A good clean lip balm is also an essential, you cant go wrong with any of the Kari Gran Lip Balms, but I am loving the colour Georgia, just for a pop of colour as winter approaches. 

Hope you enjoy our winter essentials! x

Neroli Cleansing Oil - 100ml Wildcrafted Organics
Rose Cleansing Oil - 60ml Monastery Made
Wild Rose Botanical Mist - 100ml Wildcrafted Organics
Blossom Elixir Lotion - 100ml Cecilia Holistic Beauty
Sea Vitamin C Serum with Chlorella & Reishi Mara
Wild Plum Illuminating C Complex Wildcrafted Organics
Gold - Botanical Oil Serum - 60ml Monastery Made
Rose and Seabuck Replenishing Face Cream - 50ml PUREARTH
Attar Floral Repair Concentrate - 50ml Monastery Made
Golden Glow Baume Yeaux - 15ml Cecilia Holistic Beauty
Gold Sculpting Tool Imbibe
Imbibe Beauty Renewal Imbibe
Holi Mane Agent Nateur
Sold Out
Sold out
Organic Avocado Oil - 237ml Valentia Skincare
Lip Whip - Georgia Kari Gran