Ancient Beauty Rituals + Clinically Proven Actives

Forest Rhapsody, celebrate's ancient beauty rituals by elevating them with clinically-proven actives. They harvest next generation bioactives to pioneer modern interpretations of ancient beauty rituals from Southeast Asia, based on the belief that modern science and ancient wisdom can co-exist harmoniously.

They are on a mission to formulate intelligent and sophisticated skincare solutions that boldly celebrate green chemistry while paying tribute to age-old beauty rituals, creating products that perform and delight in equal measure. 

Using traditional and time-tested ingredients that have been used for years in beauty rituals across Southeast Asia, they optimise their performance with clinically-proven actives and botanicals ingredients, intentionally choosing those that play well with one another, to create revolutionary skin treats that transform your skin. 

They work with a  team of all-female chemists to explore innovative ingredients to pioneer a game-changing skincare line that is rooted in plant-based bioactives.

They do not shy away from ingredients that are commonly misunderstood in the 'green beauty' category  such as emulsifiers and preservatives. Instead, they seek out the most advanced alternatives to these ingredients, such as Ecocert/ Cosmos-approved ingredients and NSF organic certified preservatives to create efficacious, elegant and indulgent formulas. 

Dew Drops - Enzymatic Cleansing Gel - 109mls Forest Rhapsody
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Sold out
Milk Ferment - Rice & Probiotic Milk Cleanser Forest Rhapsody
Green Nectar - Marine Hydrator - 56mls Forest Rhapsody
Barrier Warrior - Multigrain Peptides + Ceramides Gel Forest Rhapsody
Thousand Petals- Flower Acid Resurfacing mask - 30ml Forest Rhapsody
Good Earth - CoQ10 + Vitamins Thanaka Mask - 30ml Forest Rhapsody