Cecilia Holistic Beauty brings you the finest organic and wild crafted raw materials from all over the world, wisely blended and formulated by the founder Dr Cecilia Perotti, a third generation cosmetician, chemist and pharmacist.
With incredibly rare botanicals sourced from Cecilia's travels from New Zealand, Alaska, Finland, remote parts of Africa and Thailand to name a few. All the plant-based ingredients used are the highest quality, transformed as little as possible and preserved only through physical processes like concentration, reduction of water activity and low-temperatures. They aim for every product to contribute positively both to individual well-being and to the planet, thanks to ethical harvesting, production and purchasing decisions, transparency, honesty, social sustainability, and a zero-waste policy. Cecilia Holistic Beauty gives life to innovative formulas mixing the finest organic and wild crafted oils, butters and extracts from all over the world.
These healing traditional botanicals are infused with medicinal exotic plants such as Dodonaea, Reishi, Ginkgo Biloba and precious Pearl Powder, Amber, Micronized Hyaluronic Acid, and  Prickly Pear. Everything blended with only petal based organic essential oils such as Rose Absolute, Violet Absolute, Blue Chamomile and Blue Tansy. Even the different colors are given by the use of ancient species such as Alkanet, African Palm, Pitaya, Spirulina and Butterfly Blue Pea, all coming with antioxidant and antiaging properties. Thanks to such genuine and nutrient-rich raw materials your skin will be infused with naturally contained Vitamin A, Carotenoids, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Minerals, Omega 3 and 6. This incredible range is also made without any water, so is incredibly concentrated, potent and active. 
Ingredients are either certified organic or wild crafted. The line is free from gmo, preservatives, parabens, petro-chemicals, synthetics, artificial fragrances. It is 100% vegan and cruelty free. All the containers are glass, there is no plastic in their packaging at all.
Blue Oceanic Potion - 100ml Cecilia Holistic Beauty
Blossom Elixir Lotion - 100ml Cecilia Holistic Beauty
Ageless Creme Riche - 15ml Cecilia Holistic Beauty
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Sold out
Miracle Baume - 15ml Cecilia Holistic Beauty
Golden Glow Baume Yeaux - 15ml Cecilia Holistic Beauty
Eternal Youth Serum - 15ml Cecilia Holistic Beauty
Midsummer Night Noir Masque - 50ml Cecilia Holistic Beauty