The Story Of Redruksha Mala's

March 22, 2013

The owner and designer of Aum Rudraksha, Soma Temple has been making Rudraksha bead mala’s in Bali for over 20 years.
Many years ago while Soma was in India, sitting with her Spiritual teacher, he advised her to start making the rudraksha bead mala’s because she lived close to the source of the highest quality rudraksha seeds in the world.
He wished for these beads to be shared with the world, particularly the west,  because of the power of rudraksha’s  in healing and creating peace of mind. He believed the world would be at peace if everyone was wearing rudraksha beads, and so, Soma created Aum Rudraksha.

The Rudraksha bead is the heart of Aum Rudraksha creations, bringing to the world today the wisdom and power of ancient sages and spiritual teachers  in contemporary designs.
Combined with the healing powers of semi precious stones, gold and silver, each piece is sustainably harvested, fairly traded and ethically produced.

In addition all the employees of Aum rudraksha benefit in the profit sharing from worldwide sales.
All mala’s are also purified and empowered through a Balinese blessing ceremony with the high priests of Bali.
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