How To Choose Your Perfect Mala

March 22, 2013

We want you to find your perfect mala. The one that is meant to be yours.

The mala that reflects your intentions and embodies your personality.

Often the simplest way is the best. There will usually  be 1 mala that you are first drawn too. Whether it’s the colours, the crystals or the energy of that piece. This is usually the perfect mala for you. The one you were meant to have. 

If you need a little more guidance:

The rudraksha Mala beads are also combined with the healing power of crystals that each have their own energy and intention. There are crystals for love, luck, focus, strength, peace, calm, spirituality, grounding, protection and so much more. 

We love to create an intention or mantra  to link with our mala beads. If you are feeling stressed/anxious you may be drawn to a calming stone or crystals. 

Your mantra could become  “I am calm. “ 

In many traditions it is believed that a mantra should be given to you by your guru or spiritual teacher. Although this is true you can also choose a mantra for yourself.

 A mantra is simply a positive affirmation such as: “ I am calm” or I am love”

There is something empowering about wearing your intention. It makes your intention  tangible at every moment of the day. Everytime you look at your mala or feel it you are reminded to live and be your mantra. “ I am ……..”

Along with being prayer beads, mala’s can also be used as worry beads. When you wear them, you will often touch, rub or just hold them, as a constant reminder you are not alone, that you are calm/strong/loved etc and that anything is possible.

The most important thing when choosing your mala is  to follow your heart , you will always find the perfect mala  for you.

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