March 03, 2019

Once you find the Mala that is meant for you, now it’s time to make it yours, making sure the Mala is connected to your energy and intention.

As with anything, Mala’s are special when you believe they are. It is all about the energy and the strength you put into your intention. Then you can use your Mala as a daily reminder of the intention you have set.

To activate your mala you can have a simple intention setting ceremony.

Light a candle or your favourite incense.

  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath.
  • Hold your Mala and focus on your intention. Stay aware. Accept any thoughts crossing your mind and let them go.
  • Keep holding your Mala and move over each bead through your fingers while saying or thinking about your specific intention. Don’t use your index finger, as it believed to represent the ego.

To finish, bring your Mala to your heart, be grateful to the universe.

Make your intention your reality.