Share the Love

July 19, 2013


We have just returned from an amazing adventure to Thailand. We were lucky enough to visit some incredible Buddhist temples, we toured the Grand Palace in Bangkok and had an amazing blessing ceremony performed by a Buddhist monk in Chiang Mai. We made offerings whenever we saw a temple and were just incredibly grateful to have had such an amazing trip with beautiful friends.

Of course we wore our Mala’s wherever we went. It was on our visit to the Grand Palace in Bangkok we met a beautiful Thai tour guide called Jintra. Jintra took us on a fantastic tour of the Palace and really  made the day such a special experience. During our tour she was really taken with both the Mala’s we were wearing. I had my Divine Goddess Mala on and Megan had her Exotic Journey Mala on. Jintra was Buddhist so knew the story of the rudraksha beads and how they bring peace of mind and she was really drawn to them. She kept touching them and especially loved the Amethyst in my Divine Goddess Mala. As we always say, there is always one mala that you will be drawn too! For Jintra it was the Divine Goddess, and I have to say, having spent the day with her, we really felt this mala was absolutely perfect for her. So when we were leaving we left her with my Divine Goddess mala as a gift. She was so overwhelmed and touched it just made the experience all the more special for us. We love our mala’s so much and try not to leave the house without at least one on, so  it was lovely to be able to share the love with Jintra who I think will love her new mala as much as we do.