March 08, 2019

The most common question we are asked about these beautiful mala's is "How do I choose the right mala for me?"

Often the simplest way is the best. You will usually find yourself drawn to one mala, for whatever reason, maybe its the colour, the stones or you just like the way it looks and feels. This is usually the perfect mala for you. Sometimes the reason this mala is perfect for you will not be obvious right away. Maybe its the properties of those crystals you might need for the future!

If you need a little more guidance, there are descriptions on the website for each mala, this details the properties of the healing crystals used in each mala. The descriptions of these healing gemstones may also trigger some inspiration as to what mala is right for you.

All of the mala's are made with the rare and precious Rudraksha beads, so the properties of the Rudraksha beads are present in every mala as well as the healing gemstones.


There are mala's for  love, friendship, focus, strength, stability, peace, calm, spirituality, grounding, protection and so much more.

 The most important thing when choosing your mala is to follow your heart , you will always find the perfect mala for you.

Namaste xoxo