Mantra and Mala Workshop

August 07, 2015


You may have seen on our Facebook and Instagram pages that we recently had our very first Mantra and Mala workshop, in Sydney which was a collaboration with an amazing local yoga teacher Sara from Sara and I met through our daughters school and got talking about what we were both doing in our lives. Sara who had been a yoga teacher for the last 5 years and myself with my mala business, somehow one thing,( and a coffee or two) led to another and we both thought wouldn’t it be great if we could combine what we both practice and offer a workshop combining some of the things we both love – Mantra’s and Mala’s. We really wanted to de-mystify the practice and make it simple and accessible for everyone, with some great “how to” tips along the way, and so our first workshop was born. We were so happy and grateful this first collaboration sold out so quickly and that we were able to spend a fun afternoon with such a beautiful group of ladies sharing some great information, a bit of yoga, some mala’s, some mantras and a lot of tea, chocolate and chatting at the end! We are so grateful for the amazing response we have had to this first workshop that we will have another date releasing shortly. Stay tuned!!