June 07, 2015

Chanting mantras works directly on all types of karma, helping us to overcome what may have been created inadvertently in this life or perhaps a past life. We are able to heal various physical, emotional and spiritual conditions that we bring into this life as part of our karmic inheritance. Everyone can benefit from the use of mantras to energize both our chakras and our mind, body and spirits.

The process of chanting these ancient formulas works in the everyday world even if we don’t understand what we are saying because at the end of the day mantras are all about energy rather than a specific meaning.

Chanting mantras, particularly Sanskrit mantras both stimulates and energizes the chakras allowing them to send out more energy to our physical body, in addition to this, Karma is also being worked off. The vibrations produced by chanting begins to alter our inner conditions physically and spiritually and helps to break down energy patterns stored in the body. This can be anything from subconscious habits or a predisposition to karmic mishaps. In most cases this relates to Prarabdha Karma – karma accumulated through past actions but that we are working through in this lifetime but it is also possible to “work off” Sanchita karma from past lifetimes also.

Mantra can also be used for energizing prana or your life energy. Healing is possible by concentrating prana on specific organs. When chanting a particular mantra and visualizing a particular organ bathed in a beautiful light the power of the mantra can be concentrated in that organ with great effect and healing benefits. The visualisation of the organ acts as the intent, focusing and directing the energy produced by the mantra.

There are so many benefits to the practice of mantra and also just another way to incorporate your malas into your daily practice.