March 03, 2019


When Beauty Warrior Love asked me to write a few words about my love of Mala beads, I jumped for joy.  I have a small collection of Mala beads which are now a really special part of my Yoga practice. I bought my first Mala beads during my Yoga Teacher Training, when we were in the meditation segment. During that part of my training I learned that Mala beads are a great tool for us in this very heady busy life, to calm and soothe our minds. We can wear them, meditate with them, soak them under a full moon for recharging! The number of beads, the type of bead, the design, there is something for everyone.  

I practice my mantra with my beads, threading them through my fingers and saying quietly to myself my current mantra, it could be Om, calm, So Hum, any quality that you’d like to cultivate or a mantra that you feel drawn to. I wear them when I am teaching, when I’m home planning my classes and when I’m out…. so really I wear them most of the time except when I’m sleeping! I’ve been known to sleep with some under my pillow too.  

For me, my mala’s are a constant reminder of my commitment and love for my Yoga Practice. 

 Sara Spitzer