How to care for and cleanse your mala.

February 04, 2015

Our authentic rudraksha bead malas have been known to last for generations, with this in mind you may like to consider a gentle clean or cleanse every once in a while. These are energetically powerful pieces and often take on the energy of the wearer and for this reason we don’t recommend lending your mala to anyone else to wear. If you would like give your mala a gentle clean, please don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaning products on your malas. Simply use some warm water and a mild soap or gentle shampoo and a gentle brush. ( A soft toothbrush works perfectly!) Once clean just hang them up to dry before wearing them again. The tassels can sometimes show a bit of wear and tear over time so again just dip the tassell in some warm water with a mild shampoo or soap, gently clean and rinse then gently comb the tassels and lay flat to dry. You can also give the tassels a little trim if the ends become uneven. Rudraksha seeds will naturally darken over time with the oils from your skin. You can also oil the beads with a coconut or sandalwood oil. A special cleanse is also nice to do every once in a while. For a natural cleanse and re-charge simply lay your mala out in the moonlight overnight. With a little love and care you should have your beautiful malas for many years to come. Enjoy!