August 04, 2020

Could Bath Brews be just as good for you as your daily green juice? Bath brews or bath tea bags are pretty much just that, a cloth bag filled with nourishing herbs, flowers, and salts. Designed to be used as a remedial & relaxing bath soak. Add  a soak in these nourishing  tonic's to your day and enjoy the amazing benefits from your bespoke soak!

Did you know, herbal bathing, is actually an ancient practice of using herbs and other natural ingredients in the bath and goes back as far as Cleopatra's time; she was famed for bathing in milk and honey to achieve soft skin.

According to Bathe and Brew founder - Our ancestors knew the importance of staying connected to mother nature & the healing energy of water. The time spent alone in the bath, if you allow it, can be a powerful form of healing bringing you further into your natural state & your true soul self. If your time in the bath is used wisely it can be one of your biggest rituals of self-love and care.

Skin is our body's largest organ! Your skin will literally soak in the benefits of the herbs. Not only can herbs benefits us physically, but also emotionally, mentally & spiritually! Each of the Bathe and Brew bag's has been created with herbs specifically to target what you need. You can get a range of benefits depending on which bag you choose, we recommend not using any electronic distractions to get  the most out of your herbal bath, allow yourself to truly rest & to reconnect with yourself, your needs and what mother nature has to offer.

Benefits include

Soothing & healing of irritated skin
Stress support
Connecting with self
Connection with mother nature
Calming of anxiety
Energetic & Aura cleansing
Promotion of restful sleep
Releasing of muscle tension
Natural detoxification
Mental clarity

The Bathe and Brew organic bath soaks have been created with certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients for rituals, selfcare and healing. This range is Australian made , their glass cork bottles are reusable & recyclable, their  bags are reusable & biodegradable, and their  packaging is recyclable and their herbs are compostable.  They are also vegan and of course cruelty free.Why not indulge in a little self care today with one of these delicious bath brews!

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